Happy Tracks Square Dance  Club  

2nd & 4th Thursday
7:00pm Workshop (Funshop) 7:30pm to 9:30pm Dance Time!!!
Square Dance: Mainstream with Announced Plus Tips
Rounds and Line Dances between tips. . .

Nicoma Park Community Center
2221 Nichols Dr. - Nicoma Park, OK

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"Leave a lotta happy tracks, as you go down life's road
Leave a lotta happy tracks, everywhere you go
Leave a lotta happy tracks, and keep this in mind
Others will have to follow, in the path you leave behind"
Kenny Price (1967)

Terry & Sonya Savell-Jones
(Caller / Cuer / Line Dance Instructor)

Our goal is to keep you Up to Date and Current with information about what's going on around us in this most rewarding hobby.

Feel free to browse around, and comments are always welcomed.
Executive Board 2017
President Open  
Vice-President Arthur & Nancy VanZant (405) 464-9090
Secretary Chris & Brenda Stramski (405) 886-1533
Treasurer Steve & Stacey Palmer (405) 386-3238
Delegate Bill & Cindy Price (405) 964-4300
Delegate Don & Helen Tremain (405) 820-7996
Call or E-Mail any of our Officers for Additional Information

Arthur & Nancy VanZant (Vice-President)


Chris & Brenda Stramski (Secretary)

Chris works at Tinker Air Force base as a production controller. He has been with Tinker for 30 years. He was an active boy scout as well as girl scout leader, now enjoys clowning around with the shriner clowns and square dancing. Met the love of his life on a blind date, got married on a beach in Maui 2 years later.

Brenda works for Sprint for 10 years and together they have 8 children and 13 grandchildren with number 14 due in August, keeping Brenda busy!

Steve & Stacey Palmer (Treasurer)

Steve and Stacey have been dancing since 2005. They were introduced to square dancing at an exhibition at their church, and both thought it looked fun. They started with Happy Tracks at their next set of lessons with Dick Manning.

Steve has worked for the Boeing Company since graduating from Memphis State University 30 years ago. He has lived all over the south growing up, and spent the most time in the Renton Washington area, where he met Stacey.

Stacey sells Tupperware and volunteers at Harmony Christian Church, where she also teaches Sunday School for preschool age. Steve is active in church as well, and is currently helping with the Boy Scout troop that meet there.

Steve and Stacey have held several positions with the Central District Board, and they are currently "Photographer" for Central District events.

Bill & Cindy Price (Delegate)

Bill & Cindy are celebrating their first anniversary in Square Dancing in 2016, and they are starting to explore Round Dancing with Sonya. They have found so many new friends, and are having a blast. They hope others will discover this great hobby!

Bill works for Oklahoma County, and Cindy is happy to be a stay-at-home Grandma. They met on a blind date and have been together every day since. Together they have 4 Children, 10 Grandchildren, and 1 Great Grandchild.

Don & Helen Tremain (Delegate)

Don & Helen have been dancing for just over 5 Years. They have 4 grown Children, 6 Grandchildren, and live in Choctaw.

Don is a Quality Assurance Inspector for Tinker Air Force Base, and loves open spaces and working in the yard. Don's hobbies are Jug Fishing, Country Music, Movies, and he is a Major Star Trek Fan!!

Helen is a Nurse at the Oklahoma Heart Hospital. Her hobbies include Square Dancing and Scrapbooking.

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